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About Us.

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About Us

The Green Line Training Institute was established in 2017 to provide the training services that inline with the labor market, which was achieved through technical infrastructure and links with the training authorities. The Institute was able to gain the trust of the authorities and the training financial supporting bodies. The Institute was accredited by the Ministry of Manpower and the National Fund beside accreditation from the Institute of Motor Industry (IMI) . Also became an accredited by KUDOS Institute of Computer Services (IC3).

The Institute has relied on the national cadres with high professional experience and mixing them with international expertise, and the continuous development of its staff in order to facilitate the provision of good training services while at the same time being credible to the Omani labor market. Omanization has reached 60% of the workforce which stand as an added value to the Institute.

Our Vision

The vision of the Green Line Training Institute is based on the principles from which the vision of sustainable development, established by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, which was based on the human person as the basis of development. This vision also based on the Smart Partnership between Ministry of Manpower and the training fund bodies to promote the policy of Omanization through the training of national cadres as per the needs of the labor market for the next two decades.


Our Mission

To develop the Omani nationals by achieving the basic objectives of employment skills and knowledge necessary for work through training, alongside advanced training in solving work problems and achieving work excellence and creativity by studying cases and setting creative goals to enhance the human capacity to perform, fostering patriotism, country labor market stability and cumulative experience.


Omanization policy

To contribute effectively to Omanization policy through the preparation of qualified national cadres

Techniques and skills

Provide trainees with the information, techniques and skills that help them to self-prove and succeed in work

Job ambition

Achieve job ambition by acquiring the necessary skills to work

Achieving the goals

Active participation in achieving the goals and culture of the organization

Employment opportunities

Creating employment opportunities for Omani youth and training in accordance with the needs of the labor market

Health and safety

To provide trainees with work techniques, professional ethics and safe practices according to the standards of international occupational health and safety

Job satisfaction

Professional stability through achieving job satisfaction

Ethics of professional

Increase the sense of belonging to the establishment and the nation through the values ​​and ethics of professional work